Crochet Hanging Plant Car Accessory | Free Pattern & Video Tutorial

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This crochet hanging plant is a fun, easy, and quick project you can make in an hour! The perfect project for beginners, this mini hanging plant can be completed in one crochet session and uses crochet basics. Use this string of pearls plant to decorate your car, office, or bedroom!

crochet hanging plant

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Advanced Beginner Crochet Project

This crochet pattern is most suitable for crocheters who have completed at least a few projects. It’s not a complicated or intricate pattern, but it does have a slightly more advanced stitch that absolute beginners may not know.

This pattern uses double crochet decreases or dc2tog, which may be difficult to do in your first crochet project. As for the assembly of this plant, I believe any level of crocheter can do it!

If you’re ever unsure of anything, please refer to the video tutorial or leave a comment below!

crochet hanging plant


The size of this crochet plant can be changed by using a thinner or thicker yarn and hook. If you’re a more advanced crocheter, you can easily adapt the pattern to a larger size without changing the yarn and hook.

Project Overview

  1. Start Crocheting Pot
  2. Crochet Strings of Pearls
  3. Assembly
  4. Finish Crocheting Pot

Choosing Yarn & Hook Size

The yarn and hook size you choose will have a slight impact on the size of your crochet hanging plant. If you use a larger yarn and hook, you will get a larger plant. And vice versa: a smaller yarn and hook will yield a smaller plant. Keep in mind that if you want to hang it on your car mirror, you want it to be small so it doesn’t block your view while driving.

For my project, I chose a medium weight yarn in the colors I wanted. This yarn recommends a 5.5 millimeter hook, so I decided to go with a 4 millimeter hook to make the plant smaller.

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Crochet Hanging Plant Video Tutorial

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You can follow along with my YouTube video to make your own crochet hanging plant! I have timestamps included to section the video and help you jump to any point you need to!

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crochet materials


Hanging Strap: 32 centimeters long total (12.6 inches)

Overall: 8 centimeters wide x 24 centimeters long (3.1 x 9.4 inches)

Notes and Tips

  • This pattern is written using US crochet terms
  • The pot is worked in joined rounds. At the end of each round, slip stitch to the first stitch of the round
  • The chain 2 at the beginning of each round does NOT count as a double crochet
  • Vary the number of pearls for a more natural-looking plant


blo = back loop only

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

dec = decrease with double crochet

inc = increase with double crochet

rep = repeat

sk = skip

sl st = slip stitch

Starting Pot

Foundation: Slipknot, ch4, sl st to 1st ch to form a ring (or make a magic ring)

Round 1: ch2, dc12 into ring, sl st (12)

pot round 1

Round 2: ch2, inc around, sl st (24)

pot round 2

Hanging Strap: ch68, sk11, sl st

Before continuing, make sure it’ll fit over your car mirror! Do fewer chains to make it shorter or more chains to make it longer.

pot hanging strap

Round 3: ch2, dc in blo around, sl st (24)

pot round 3

Round 4-5: ch2, dc around, sl st (24)

String of Pearls

First pearl: Slipknot, ch4, sl st to 1st ch

Add a pearl: rep[ch7, sl st to 4th ch from hook]

You can add as many pearls as you want by repeating [ch7, sl st to 4th ch from hook]. Once you add enough pearls, ch3 and fasten off by cutting the yarn and pulling through with your hook.

Note: You can make the pearls smaller by sl st to a chain closer to the hook (3rd instead of 4th) or bigger by doing the opposite. You can make the gap between each pearl smaller by doing less chains (6 instead of 7) or bigger by doing the opposite. And finally, you can make the length between the soil and the first pearl down smaller by doing fewer chains before fastening off (2 instead of 3) or bigger by doing the opposite.

For example, a string of 5 pearls looks like this:

Slipknot, ch4, sl st to 1st ch, rep[ch7, sl st to 4th ch from hook] 4 times, ch3, fasten off

Weave in the loose end next to the first pearl we made. Do not weave in the other loose end.

string of 5 pearls

Make many strings with a different number of pearls to get a fuller and more accurate-looking plant. I made 10 total: 2 strings each of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 pearls. For the 2 strings with the same number of pearls, one has 3 chains before fastening off and the other has 5. This is so that even if it has the same number of pearls, they are not the same length.

strings of pearls


Insert your hook in through the opening of the pot and out the center of round 1. Pull the loose end of each string of pearls through until the last chain meets the soil.

Pull on the loose end from the slipknot at the beginning of the pot to close the hole in the center of round 1. Double knot that loose end to the bunch of loose ends from the strings of pearls.

attaching strings to pot

Finishing Pot

Round 6: ch2, dec around, sl st (12)

Insert fiberfill into the pot through the hole at the bottom. Don’t overstuff! Make sure the soil (rounds 1 and 2) is flat.

pot round 6

Round 7: ch2, dec around, sl st, fasten off (6)

pot round 7

With the loose end, sew the hole at the bottom of the pot closed and tie a knot. You can use a yarn needle, but I just used my hook to pull the loose end through each of the 6 stitches.

Finished Crochet Hanging Plant

Hide your loose end by pulling it to the inside of the pot and your crochet hanging plant is finished!

holding crochet hanging plant

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