Crochet Strawberries Charm | Free Pattern & Tutorial

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These are super cute mini strawberries charm that can decorate your bags, headphones, or car. These little strawberries are so small that they don’t require any stuffing at all!

Crochet strawberries charm

Here is the strawberries charm I gave to my little sister to hang on her car mirror! They’re so simple, yet so cute and add such a cute little touch when you’re decorating your car. After seeing them in my little sister’s car, my older sister asked me to make her some, too!

IMG 0974 scaled

I also made these little pink strawberries to hang on my ring light! They’re very quick to make and are a super cute addition to anything I have in my room.

If you’re just starting out with crochet, then you most likely don’t have any stuffing lying around. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make any amigurumi! My favorite part of this pattern is that it doesn’t require any stuffing at all! This pattern also doesn’t require you to weave in any loose ends. You just pull them to the inside of the strawberry and it’s hidden! A bonus is that those loose ends can act as your stuffing since the strawberries are so small.

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Video Tutorial

You can follow along with my YouTube video to crochet your strawberries charm! I have timestamps included to section the video and help you jump to any point you need to!

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27cm long chain, 4cm long strawberry

Notes and Tips

  • This crochet pattern uses US crochet terms
  • Try not to tighten the magic ring all the way, so you can easily add on the stem
  • Tighten your slip stitches to make the seam smaller and less visible
  • The chain 1 at the beginning of each round does NOT count as a single crochet
  • Pull your loose ends to the inside of the strawberry to hide them and use as stuffing


ch = chain

rep = repeat

st = stitch

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet


Round 1: Make a magic ring, rep[ch3, sl st across starting in 2nd ch from hook, sl st to magic ring] 6 times

Tighten magic ring by pulling on the loose end, but don’t close the circle all the way, fasten off

Make 1 more, but before fastening off: ch length of charm you want, sl st to center of first leaves you made

Fasten off and pull all 3 loose ends down through the center of the leaf, towards the back.

Start of Strawberry

Round 1: Make a magic ring, sc8 into ring, sl st, and tighten circle, but don’t close all the way (8)

Round 2: ch1, inc around, sl st (16)

Round 3: ch1, sc around, sl st (16)

Don’t fasten off.

Attach Leaves to Strawberry

Grab the leaf with the 3 loose ends.

Insert your hook from the inside of the strawberry and out the top and pull through all 3 loose ends from the leaf.

Double knot the magic ring loose end for both the leaf and the strawberry together.

Continuing Strawberry

Round 4: ch1, rep[sc2, dec] around, sl st (12)

Round 5: ch1, rep[sc1, dec] around, sl st (8)

Round 6: ch1, dec around, sl st (4)

Fasten off, pull the loose end into the strawberry to hide it.


Cut a piece of pale yellow yarn about a foot long and split the yarn plies to make it thinner. Use one strand for each strawberry.

Insert your smaller hook directly under any stitch and out just above it, grab the yellow yarn, and pull it through. Tie a double knot to secure the yarn, ensuring that one end is short. Pull the shorter end inside to hide it in the strawberry, concealing the knot on the inside.

Thread the longer end into your yarn needle and stagger 2 or 3 seeds vertically along the strawberry.

For the last seed, pull the yarn out to the same space it came from and tie a knot. Pull the loose end into the strawberry to hide it.

Shape the strawberry by flattening the top and pointing the bottom.

Repeat these steps one more time to put seeds on the other strawberry.

And we’re done with the strawberries charm. It can be used to decorate a lot of things like a bag, as a car accessory, or as a headphones charm.

IMG 9427 2
IMG 9421 1

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