Crochet Granny Triangle Bandana

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This is a super quick and simple, summer crochet project. This crochet granny square bandana uses only one skein of yarn and a couple of hours of crocheting. It’s great for beginners as well as more advanced crocheters. For an interactive, ad-free pattern, visit my Ribblr shop!

crochet bandana free pattern

A simple pattern paired with a video tutorial makes this crochet bandana a great crochet project for all levels of crocheters. Since it’s a small project, it can be crocheted with one skein and will work up in no time!

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Video Tutorial

You can follow along with my YouTube video to make this crochet bandana! I have timestamps included to section the video and help you jump to any point you need to!

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Project Level

Great for beginners! It uses basic stitches and has a repetitive pattern that is easy to follow once you get the hang of it. Also, it’s a small project, so it won’t take as long as others to complete!


Screenshot 2024 03 30 115422


37 centimeters (14.57 inches) along short sides of triangle

53 centimeters (20.87 inches) along long side of triangle

Notes and Tips

  • This pattern is written using US crochet terms
  • The chain-1-spaces are side spaces
  • The chain-2-spaces are corner spaces


ch = chain

ch1-sp = chain-1-space

ch2-sp = chain-2-space

dc = double crochet

sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

sp = space

Granny Triangle


Make a slipknot, ch6

Row 1

In 6th ch from hook, dc3, ch2, dc3, ch1, dc

Note: If it’s hard to fit all these stitches in that one chain, undo your 6 chains and make the first one looser.

Screenshot 2024 03 30 115556 edited 1

Row 2

ch5, turn, dc3 in ch1-sp, ch1, [dc3, ch2, dc3] in ch2-sp, ch1, [dc3, ch1, dc] in last sp

We use the chain 5 to replace a double crochet and chain 1, which is mirrored for the end of the row.

Note: The bolded stitches denote the middle corner of the triangle

Screenshot 2024 03 30 115800 edited

Row 3

ch5, turn, [dc3 in next ch1-sp, ch1] 2 times, [dc3, ch2, dc3] in ch2-sp, ch1, dc3 in next ch1-sp, ch1, [dc3, ch1, dc] in last sp

Screenshot 2024 03 30 115832 edited

Row 4

ch5, turn, [dc3 in next ch1-sp, ch1] 3 times, [dc3, ch2, dc3] in ch2-sp, [ch1, dc3 in next ch1-sp] 2 times, ch1, [dc3, ch1, dc] in last sp

Row 5

ch5, turn, [dc3 in next ch1-sp, ch1] 4 times, [dc3, ch2, dc3] in ch2-sp, [ch1, dc3 in next ch1-sp] 3 times, ch1, [dc3, ch1, dc] in last sp

Rows 6-18

Repeat the row before with an extra dc3 in next ch1-sp, ch1 before the middle corner and ch1, dc3 in next ch1-sp after the middle corner.

Continue doing these rows until the triangle is big enough to wrap over your head.

Screenshot 2024 03 30 115856

Notes to Remember

1st space: ch5, turn, dc3

Spaces between 1st and corner space: ch1, dc3 ch1

Corner space: dc3, ch2, dc3

Spaces between corner and last space: ch1, dc3 ch1

Last space: dc3, ch1, dc


ch40, sc across, starting in 2nd ch from hook (39)

The number of chains you do determines how long the strap extends on one side.

Screenshot 2024 03 30 115908

Dimensions: 20cm

Screenshot 2024 03 30 115938 edited

Now, we’ll work into the spaces along the long side of the triangle.

sc3 in each sp until middle, sc in middle, sc3 in each sp across

Screenshot 2024 03 30 120007

Then, we’ll do the other strap.

ch40, sc across, starting in 2nd ch from hook, sl st to ch-sp at corner of the triangle

Do the same number of chains for the second strap.

Fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

Now your crochet granny triangle bandana is complete!

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