Crochet Heart Granny Square Drawstring Pouch

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This crochet heart granny square pouch is a cute and functional crochet project that you can make in under two hours! It works as a little goody bag or a pouch to carry your essentials. It’s also a great project for beginners as well as for more advanced crocheters looking to use up their yarn scraps. For an interactive, ad-free pattern, visit my Ribblr shop!

crochet heart granny square pouch

Functional Crochet

I love functional crochet projects because you can make something helpful, and you can make it cute! One of my favorite functional crochet projects is the mushroom jewelry holder. Although I don’t have a written pattern on it just yet, I do have a comprehensive video tutorial for it!

This versatile crochet heart pouch makes for an adorable goody bag, perfect for gifting small treats. Not only that, but its compact size and drawstring closure make it the perfect pouch for carrying everyday essentials like keys, lip balm, or other small items.

IMG 2669 edited scaled

Some other free crochet bag patterns I have are for the Simple Tote Bag and the Mini Shoulder Bag.

Crochet Project Suitable for All Skill Levels

Whether you’ve just recently started crocheting or have been for a decade, you can use this pattern for your next project! The heart portion of this pattern requires using all of the basic stitches to accommodate the varying heights of the shape. This makes it a great project for beginners to practice memorizing the different stitches. On the other hand, more advanced crocheters will find that this project works up quickly and can allow them to use leftover yarn scraps.

Scrap Yarn Crochet Project

For those with a plenty of yarn scraps waiting to be used up, this is the perfect project to do just that! Requiring only 25 grams of yarn, this project is great for leftover yarn. You could even use up 5 grams of yarn for just the heart and drawstring. The base color requires slightly more at 20 grams, but it is still only about one-fifth of a 100 gram skein of yarn!

Crochet scrap yarn project

If you’re looking for other great scrap yarn projects, you can find a bunch more video tutorials on my YouTube!

For projects here at VivCrochets.com, you can check out the One Hour Twisted Ear Warmer, Fingerless Gloves & Beanie Set, or Cat Ear Beanie!

Yarn Alternative

This pattern works for all kinds of yarn! Here is another pouch I made with Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in “Green Apple.” The red yarn recommends a 5mm hook, while the green yarn recommends a 5.5mm hook, but the pattern works up great for both yarns!

I’ve also tried it with even thinner yarn and a 4mm hook, which also worked up perfectly.

Crochet heart granny square drawstring pouches

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Video Tutorial

You can follow along with my YouTube video to crochet a heart drawstring pouch! I have timestamps included to section the video and help you jump to any point you need to!

This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you!


Crochet materials


11.5 centimeters wide x 14 centimeters long (4.53 x 5.51 inches)


10 rows of 16 double crochets makes a 10 x 10 centimeter square

Notes and Tips

  • This pattern is written using US crochet terms
  • The chain 3 at the beginning of each round DOES count as a double crochet


ch = chain

ch1-sp = chain-1-space (the space created by chaining 1)

ch2-sp = chain-2-space

dc = double crochet

dc2tog = double crochet 2 stitches together (a decrease)

hdc = half double crochet

rep = repeat

sc = single crochet

sk = skip

sl st = slip stitch

st = stitch

tr = treble crochet

Heart Granny Square


With your heart color yarn, you can either make a magic circle or (make a slipknot, ch4, and sl st to form a loop). I prefer the latter because it feels stronger.

If you have trouble with doing all the stitches in the ring for round 1, try chaining 5 instead.


Round 1: ch3, dc11 into ring, sl st to top of ch3 (12)

The ch3 counts as the first stitch.

IMG 2643

Round 2: sk2, tr8 into third st, dc in each of next 2 st, [dc, tr] in next st, ch1, [tr, dc] in next st, dc in each of next 2 st, tr8 into next st, sl st between first and last st of round 1

Note: The bolded ch1 marks the point at the bottom of the heart. The stitches are mirrored on either side of this ch1.

Fasten off.

IMG 2644 2 edited
IMG 2645 1 edited

Forming Square Around Heart

Attach your white yarn to the fourth tr you made in round 2. This is the top left corner of the square. If you want, you can attach the yarn to the top center and start at the treble crochet. I just prefer one of the corners, so we can stitch across 1 whole side of the square right after completing it.

Round 3: ch3, dc in same st, hdc, sc, hdc, dc, tr, [tr2, ch2, tr2] in next st, dc, hdc, sc in ch1-sp, hdc, dc, [tr2, ch2, tr2] in next st, tr, dc, hdc, sc, hdc, [dc2, ch2, dc2] in next st, hdc, dc2tog, tr between first and last st of round 1, dc2tog, hdc, [dc2, ch2] in next st, sl st (9 st on each side of square, ch2 in each corner)

Note: The bolded sc marks the point at the bottom of the heart. The stitches are mirrored on either side of this sc.

Another note: The “ch3, dc in same st” in the very beginning of round 3 creates only part of the top left corner. The first 3 groups of stitches in parentheses in round 3 are the other corners and the last group of stitches complete the top left corner.

IMG 2646

Round 4: ch3, dc in ch2-sp below, *dc in each of next 9 st, [dc2, ch2, dc2] in ch2-sp,* rep between ** 3 more times, but only [dc2, ch2] in last ch2-sp, sl st (13 st on each side of square, ch2 in each corner)

Fasten off and now you have a crochet heart granny square!

crochet heart granny square

You can add another round with [dc2, ch2, dc2] in each of the four ch2-sp to make a slightly larger pouch.

Make another heart granny square, but don’t fasten off.

IMG 2649

Stitching Squares Together

For this part, we will connect the two squares together with single crochets. You can substitute this stitching method with any other method you want, like slip stitches or sewing.

Flip the fastened off square so the wrong side is facing up.

IMG 2652 1

Place the working square directly on top of the fastened off square with both hearts right side up.

Now, we will be going through the st in both squares when we sc.

Round 5: sc in the ch2-sp, *sc in each of the next 13 st, sc4 in the ch2-sp,* rep between ** 2 more times, but only sc1 in the last ch2-sp, sl st in the ch2-sp (49 sc)

IMG 2650

Leave yarn attached to continue forming the pouch.

Extending Pouch

Now, rotate the squares 90 degrees clockwise and the hearts should be right side up. We will be working around the tops of the squares.

Round 1: ch3, dc in ch2-sp, dc in each of the next 13 st, dc2 in ch2-sp, turn to work along other square, dc2 in next ch2-sp, dc in each of the next 13 st, dc2 in ch2-sp, sl st (34 dc)

Round 2: ch3, dc around, sl st

Round 3: ch4, *sk1, dc, ch1,* rep between ** 7 more times, dc, ch1, rep between ** 7 times, dc, sl st (18 dc and 16 ch1-sp)

Round 4: ch3, dc around in each st and ch-sp, sl st (34 dc)

Fasten off.

IMG 2654


Make a slipknot with a short loose end and ch50 (or however many for double the width + 6 centimeters). Fasten off with a short loose end.

Make one more string.

IMG 2492

Weave in Loose Ends

Turn the pouch inside out and weave in all loose ends.

Create Drawstring

Pull one of your strings halfway through both ch1-sp at the end of one side.

Weave one half of the string to the other end by going over and under the double crochets and pull it out between the two double crochet posts on the side (the two dc that don’t have the ch1 in between them).

Flip the pouch and repeat with the other half of the string. If the strings aren’t even, tug on the shorter one to even it out.

IMG 2657 edited

Repeat with the other string starting in the opposite end.

IMG 2658

Tie the ends together and trim them until they are about 1.5 centimeters long.

Finished Crochet Heart Granny Square Drawstring Pouch

Now, your crochet pouch should look like this!

IMG 2500

And if you grab hold of the strings on either end and pull, the top should scrunch up and close like this!

IMG 2501

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  1. Hi! How would I do this but without the heart? So just a plain drawstring pouch? I want to make a bear themed pouch so I wanted to do a plain brown pouch and crochet the other details like the ears and such later. Thank you!

  2. Thank you! if I followed that shoulder bag pattern but i wanted to make my drawstring pouch the same size as this heart pouch, how many foundation chains do you think it would take? im using the exact same yarn & hook size as you in this pouch pattern!

  3. Would love to have a print out of this pattern. Dont like reading patterns on a phone or tablet. Can I make a printout somewhere. Love this pattern

    1. Sorry, I don’t have one available, but you can copy and paste it to an online document and delete the images to make it easier to print out!

  4. Just made this for a friend, I want to keep it for myself it’s so pretty 🥹🥹
    Keep Going Viv, you’re doing so great!

  5. I’ve purchased the pattern, am I able to sell the pouches/granny squares that I make? (With full credit to you of course, this pattern is excellent)

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